1 dram individual vial. Must place this order with a minimum of 12 remedies together (great time to order with a friend or family member). Please view the Remedy list. You can order as many as you like...YOU MUST WRITE the name of the remedy(s) and the desired potency, of all you are ordering. So, in the cart indicate the amount of remedy(s) you are ordering i.e., 12 remedy(s), then select add to cart, at checkout you then: Indicate the REMEDY(S) AND POTENCY(S) in the ADD NOTE TO SELLER CATEGORY.

Individual Remedies 6C, 12C, 30C, 200C, 1M

  • All vials within this kit contain #10 pellets - 1500 pellets unless you indicate/select that you would like the #20, #30 or #40.  The standard size #10, will dissolve quickly into water or under the tongue and the vials will last a lifetime.