If you desire to learn and utilize homeopathy right NOW, then this handbook will help you get started immediately.

Homeopathy a gift

  • Being a mom first, I understand being up with sick kids and seeing them struggle with a high fever, croup, ear infection, stomach flu and injuries like a concussion, burn, sprain, infection, crushed finger (yes, there is something you can take), etc.  Has your family decided not to vaccinate, then included is common Homeopathic remedies to help in acute miasmatic diseases. If you are traveling and/or having a surgical procedure and would like to know what remedies to bring and take, it's all in here. This handbook is invaluable in countless situations from A-Z. It details the most commonly used remedies that we use in acute homeopathy. Also, the kits that are sold carry most of the remedies indicated in this handbook.