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5 gm weight per vial (200 Tablets within one vial). These will last a long while and good for those that consistently use them. Must order at least 5 bowel nosodes (unless you are ordering a remedy kit, then one bowel vial is fine to add to your order). Bowels are a wonderful adjunct to homeopathic treatment. They can be very helpful in stuck chronic situations. They are gentle on the body. Please view the bowel nosode list then Indicate the BOWEL NOSODE(S) AND POTENCY(S) in the ADD NOTE TO SELLER CATEGORY, once you have added your amount to the cart.

Bowel Nosode 30C, 200C, 1M or 10M

  • BA offers all Bowel Nosodes for a homeopathic practice.  Please set the amount to 5, unless you have placed a remedy kit within this order, then 1 is fine.  The potencies offered for all bowels are 30C, 200C, 1M and 10M indicate the 5 bowels you desire to purchase and potency you desire in 'Note to Seller' category at checkout.

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